Micro-achievement unlocked: this is the 10th link roundup on Analytics Mania. Let’s see what April has brought us. Spoiler alert, contains GDPR (I know, it’s a shocker 🙂 ).


Google Tag Manager

The easiest CRO you can do is via Google Tag Manager by Pavel Brecik. By changing a couple of triggers in Google Tag Manager it’s possible to significantly decrease page load time. In fact, very significantly! Don’t fire all your tags right away on the Page View event. Consider delaying them a bit, therefore you’ll increase the page load time.

Track Browsing Behavior In Google Analytics by Simo Ahava and Jethro Nederhof. In this article, Jethro and Simos introduce you to some pretty neat web browser APIs which help you find out more about how the user navigated to the current page, and what’s going on with their browser tabs.

Why doesn’t Google Analytics data match Google Tag Manager previewer when debugging?  by Branded3.

A new version of Da Vinci Tools is released by Stéphane Hamel. A very handy Chrome extension which enhances the usage of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

Sort Custom Dimensions By Index Number by Simo Ahava. A quick hack which sorts all custom dimensions in GA Tag/GA Settings Variable.


Google Analytics

Basic Google Analytics Concepts Explained By Visiting A Shopping Mall by Databox. This couldn’t have been better. I love when difficult concepts are explained casually with simplified examples.

How to Prepare Your Google Analytics Account for GDPR by Jeffalytics. A blog post + a video explaining what GDPR-related settings are available in Google Analytics and how you should configure them.

Google introduced Data Retention settings in Google Analytics. The Data Retention controls give you the ability to set the amount of time before user-level and event-level data stored by Google Analytics is automatically deleted from Analytics’ servers. Although you can already configure it, the feature will not take effect until May 25th, 2018.

How to Solve Six Common Issues in The Google Analytics Referrals Report by Paul Koks. Do you analyze your traffic channels by source/medium or via channel groupings? You have to carefully read this article if you evaluate referral traffic by a medium. There is simply so much wrong in this report.

Beginners guide to GDPR for marketers and web analysts by Optimize Smart.

Validating Google Analytics Hits with the Network Tab by Lunametrics.

New feature: Conversion Probability in Google Analytics allows you to understand the likelihood of a user to convert.

Google Analytics: The Top Tools, Features, and Integrations by Charles Farina.


Other blog posts

Google released Optimize Installation Diagnostics feature. With it, Google Optimize will automatically alert and advise you on potential issues with your Optimize code each time you create a test. At a glance, you’ll see if your Optimize setup is correct and if you’re ready to run a test.

Data Studio template: track JavaScript errors in Google Analytics by Builtvisible.

The Ultimate Guide to Creating Facebook Insights Reports in Google Data Studio by Supermetrics.

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