The summer is finally here! More and more people are going on vacation but that does not mean that life in web analytics community stops. While others are planning to go on vacation (or maybe are already having a break), here’s what interesting I found in May.



Our revised Google Tag Manager practices by Iconic. An article for advanced GTM users with interesting ideas about what things did the Iconic team implement with GTM in order to keep the tracking more optimal, tidy, and logical.

How to document cookie consent clicks with Google Analytics Events by Miiko Piippo. If your cookie consent mechanism does not store consent data in some logs, Miiko offers an easy workaround, storing the consent in Google Analytics.

Reusing Google Analytics Campaign Information with Google Tag Manager by Lunametrics. More than a month ago I promised in one of my emails to write a guide how to use Lunametrics’ UTMZ cookie recipe. Turns out that promise is not valid anymore since the original creators decided to do that for me.

[Videos] 5 Advanced Google Tag Manager Tips, 1st Part and the 2nd Part by MeasureSchool.



How IP anonymization affects your Google Analytics data by Conversion Works. After switching on IP anonymization in Google Analytics using GTM, CW observed an average 174 km city-level discrepancy in the attributed geolocation.

Anomaly Detection in Google Analytics Intelligence by Krista Seiden. A cool new (and long-awaited) feature which checks anomalies in your data and informs you about them.

13 Useful Custom Dimensions For Google Analytics by Simo Ahava, where Simo shares his top Custom Dimensions. Keep in mind that the total limit of custom dimensions is 20 (in the free GA version), so make sure to prioritize.

How to deep dive into your product funnel performance with GA and Data Studio [Step by step guide] by Jason Spanomanolis

How Much Data is Missing from Analytics? And Other Analytics Black Holes by Moz. Great blog post full of experiments where Tom Capper check which factors might impact the loss of Analytics data. To name a few: Ad Blockers, Browser’s “Do Not Track”, etc.

Google Analytics Segments: Discovering Data Relationships That Impact Results by Klientboost.

The 10 Google Analytics Metrics Everyone Else is Tracking [Original Data] by Databox.

Content Marketing ROI: How We Use Attribution Models to Measure Conversions from Content by Grow and Convert.

Google Analytics Spring Cleaning: GDPR or not, it’s time to take out your analytics trash by Jeffalytics.

That’s it for now. See you next time! If you find something interesting related to GTM, join our Facebook community and share that resource there. Everyone will be grateful + I could include it in one of the future issues of web analytics link roundup.

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