Wow, time flies fast! Another month has passed, so let’s see what other bloggers/companies have published online. These are the posts that were my favorites in August. Web Analytics Link Roundup is starting in 3… 2…. 1….



GOogle Optimize is available in 37 new languages

By Google

In the beginning of August, Google announced it supports a bunch of new languages. You can find a full list here.

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Track Selection in Drop-down List

By Simo Ahava

To be honest, I doubt that there will be a single Web Analytics Link Roundup post without Simo’s content. This time, he teaches how to capture a value of a selected drop-down list option. The blog post is brief and includes a custom auto-event listener. It won’t work out-of-a-box, thus you’ll need to do some minor modifications (define a CSS selector).

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Two new unofficial GA Add-ons for Google Sheets

By Simo Ahava

In yet another post, Simo shares his two add-ons for Google Sheets which will automate a couple of menial, manual tasks: Google Analytics Validator and Google Analytics Custom Dimension Manager.

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Reddit Announced its own Conversion Pixel

By Reddit

Just like Facebook, Bing, or Google, Reddit is also a platform where you can advertise. On August 31, Reddit team announced a Reddit Conversion Pixel which should work pretty much like other well-known conversion tracking solutions. Whenever a visitor buys a product/service from you, fire the conversion tag and the event will start showing up in Reddit Ads dashboard.

So far, you’ll need to implement it via Custom HTML Tag in GTM because a default tag template is not available yet.

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GTM Renamr

Julian has published a Google Apps Script that allows you to audit and rename your Tags, Triggers, and Variables within a Google Sheet.


A better alternative to exclude filters in GOogle Analytics

By Lunametrics

Lunametrics folks suggest a different way of filtering data in GA. Instead of using GA filters, Jon Meck recommends blocking the unnecessary data with GTM, before it even reaches Google Analytics servers. This way you’ll have a lower chance of reaching property’s hit limits or sampling limits.

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What’s wrong with (Click) Heat Maps?

By Lukasz Twardowski

The author lists several reasons why heat maps might be misleading. You’ll get the idea after you read the Lukasz’s post.

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That’s it for this month’s Web Analytics Link Roundup. See you next month. If you’ve missed previous editions, go check them here (so far there two posts in total, but the number will eventually increase).

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