This is the third installment of my Web Analytics Link Roundup series. This one is a bit shorter than the previous ones (not sure what was the reason, lack of time or lack of content which looked interesting for me?). Anyway, if you notice something awesome, please share a link with me on Twitter.

I don’t promise to include it 100%, but I’ll definitely check it out.



UTM Parameters: 30 Frequently Asked Questions Now Answered

By Taavi Kalvi

A really comprehensive piece of content which contains answers to A LOT of UTM-related questions.

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By Ed Brocklebank

A tool which helps you automate Google Tag Manager implementations. Designed to help digital marketers set up commonly used marketing and analytics tags in record time.

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Should you switch to Google Analytics’ Global Site Tag?

By Julien Coquet

A very clear blog post which explains what Google Analytics Global Site Tag (gtag.js) is and whether you should start using it. Julien’s scheme explains it in an easy-to-digest way.

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The YouTube Video Trigger In Google Tag Manager

By Simo Ahava

Another month, another blog post from Simo mentioned in my web analytics link roundup. Maybe I should just embed an RSS reader with embedded Simo’s blog here in order to save some? 🙂 Anyway, GTM team presented an awesome feature – built-in Youtube video tracking.

From now on, there’s no need to use custom solutions by Lunametrics or Cardinal Path.

Also, with this trigger several new variables became available. One of them is Video Provider, which looks like an obvious hint to more video-tracking-related features in the future. What’s next? Vimeo? Generic HTML5 Video player? Until then, use my comprehensive Google Tag Manager

Until then, check out my comprehensive Google Tag Manager video tracking guide with a bunch of ready-made GTM recipes.

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The RegEx Table Variable In Google Tag Manager

By Simo Ahava

The moment after I tried Lookup tables in Google Tag Manager, I was a bit disappointed I had to use exact matches instead of “contains” conditions.

Luckily, GTM team has just introduced another long-awaited feature, Regex table. It’s like a Lookup table on steroids because you can use take advantage of really complex conditions and even use them to replace certain parts of variables.

There’s still so much potential I have to uncover with this variable! Great feature.

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That’s it for this month’s Web Analytics Link Roundup. See you next month. If you’ve missed previous editions, go check them here (so far there two posts in total, but the number will eventually increase). Also, make sure you have subscribed to my newsletter to receive similar link roundups in the future.

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