Trick or treat? Oh, sorry but I have no candies with me. Luckily, I see you like web analytics so maybe you’ll accept treats of a different kind? 🙂 Here’s a list of what looked pretty interesting to me in October. If you’re missing something, let me know so I could add it future editions of web analytics link roundup.

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Element Visibility Trigger

By Simo Ahava

Just one day after Julian (from MeasureSchool) and I launched a video about a custom Element Visibility Listener, Google introduced an extensive built-in trigger and variables which let you track when elements appear on the screen.

You win this time, Google 🙂 Nevertheless, it’s a great trigger which has much more settings and possibilities than the one I’ve explained in the video.

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With Google’s Gtag.js the future is later

By Jeff Sauer from Jeffalytics

If you’re confused what gtag.js is and why should you use it, you’re not alone. Even some pros in the market feel that way and that’s why Jeff Sauer added his two cents to this commotion. A good read to stay up to date.

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[Video] Adwords Conversion Tracking with GTM and gtag.js

By Julian from MeasureSchool

Google is so rushing to push gtag.js to live environment that its documentation can’t keep up with the pace. Naturally, a lot of questions are raised and one of them is how to track Adwords conversions with Google Tag Manager?

Gtag.js is not only available in the Google Analytics interface but in the Adwords as well. Where can you find conversion label and other data which is required in Google Tag Manager’s Adwords conversion tag template?

In his video, Julian explained everything you need to know.

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A built-in Scroll Depth Trigger in GTM

By Simo Ahava

For the last couple of months, Google has been spoiling their users (in a good way). At first, they released a built-in Youtube trigger which replaced solutions by Lunametrics or Cardinal Path, now it’s two triggers in one day:

  1. The aforementioned Element Visibility Trigger
  2. And a new scroll depth trigger which replaces the solution created by Lunametrics.

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Why your Google Analytics isn’t working (and how to fix it)

By Taavi Kalvi

Have you installed Google Analytics tracking code but there’s still no data for a day or two? Or maybe the tracking was working properly but suddenly, all metric charts have flatlined?

Taavi from Holini gives his take on how to debug and fix most common issues which block you from collecting accurate data.

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Best Chrome Extensions for SEOs and Adwords professionals

By Lunametrics

Personally, I really like such blog posts which provide a list of reliable tools which can help me be more productive or efficient. This is the exact idea behind my two blog posts, Top Chrome Extensions for GTM and Less known GA + GTM Chrome Extensions.

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5 hidden Google Analytics Reporting Features

By SEMRush

Katie Cunningham shares her tips on how to take advantage of secondary dimensions, plot rows, and other reporting features of Google Analytics.

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[Video] Real Business Stories: The Unlikely Origin Story of Google Analytics

By Noah Kagan

An 8-minute-long video about how Urchin was founded, acquired by Google and turned into Google Analytics.

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Alarmduck — Anomaly Detection App for Google Analytics

By Lluís Gassó

I haven’t tried it myself but this tool looks promising. Connect Google Analytics, Adwords, or Adobe Analytics with Alarmduck and it will send you a Slack message when significant changes are identified on the data. This way, you’ll be able to act quickly and much quicker prevent flaws in data collection.

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That’s it for this month’s web analytics link roundup. Did I miss anything? Of course, I did! Let me know in the comments or send me an email/tweet/whatever. The internet too vast to follow everyone so it’s easy to miss something.

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