This time I’m a bit earlier with a roundup than usual. Even though the month is still not over, I hope you don’t mind to get this compilation. If something super awesome is posted today/tomorrow, it’ll be included in next month’s post.

In this month’s web analytics link roundup, a bit more of attention will be drawn to SEO. There was some controversial content published which shook the entire industry, igniting a lot of discussions, questions, etc. Even if you’re not into search engine optimization, this whole situation was indeed interesting to spectate. By reading responses and comments, I learned much more than I expected!

Without further ado, here are my top picks from November of 2017.

Study: Ranking Factors 2.0

By SEMRush

SEMRush published a study (you should definitely download it) which shook the entire industry. Honestly, when I saw it, I was also like WHAT?

According to them, the No.1 Search Engine Optimization ranking factor is direct traffic. Yes, you read it right. How can Google have data about direct traffic. Well, they definitely have the usage data, let’s not forget Google Analytics, Google Fiber, etc. Although I belong to that group who is very skeptical about it, this study still has interesting pieces.

Download the study



Is Direct Traffic a Ranking Factor?

By Martin MacDonald

After SEMRush’s study was posted, SEO experts starting mumbling and arguing whether direct traffic can really be a ranking factor. Martin MacDonald published a logical article where he debunks this claim. Also, don’t forget to read the comments on that blog post, there are some gems too.

Read the blog post



We analyzed 1787 eCommerce websites with SimilarWeb and Google Analytics and that’s what we learned

By Omniconvert

SimilarWeb is an online tool which provides users with a quick overview of a site’s reach, ranking and user engagement (pretty much like But how accurate is their data? The team of Omniconvert asked this very same question and compared Google Analytics data to SimilarWeb’s.

Read the blog post



Explaining the (Other) in Google Analytics Search Console Reports

By Lunametrics

If you’ve connected Google Search Console with Google Analytics, you’ve probably already checked Search Console reports in GA at least once or twice. Jon Meck from Lunametrics explains what does (other) mean in those reports and what can you do about it.

Read the blog post



[podcast]: Decoding The Mysterious World of Analytics with Simo Ahava

By Evolving SEO

A must-listen podcast with Simo Ahava as a guest, where he talks about the definition of a technical marketer, meaningful data, and how can people be more technical.

Listen to the podcast



Step-by-Step Guide to Leverage Custom Dimensions in Google Analytics

By Paul Koks

A really comprehensive guide on what the custom dimensions in Google Analytics are and how to make use of them.

Read the guide



[Tweet]: Scott Herman on a new GTM feature

By Scott Herman

A minor update in GTM user interface which is too small for someone to publish an entire blog post about, but still very handy. From now on, you can pause tags in GTM without the need to edit/remove/add additional triggers or exclusions.

See the tweet



That’s it for this month! If you notice some cool content (or maybe you’ve published something unbelievably good by yourself), let me know and maybe I’ll add it to this web analytics link roundup.

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