Happy new year! Although a lot of people were complaining that 2017 were as bad as 2016 but I have to disagree. It was awesome in various perspectives. This gives us hope that 2018 will be at least at the same level of awesomeness. But before we jump straight into 2018, here’s the last batch of useful/interesting/controversial articles I’ve found in December 2017.

GOOGLE Tag Manager

Introduction to DOM, Nodes & CSS Selectors for Google Tag Manager by Himanshu Sharma (Optimize Smart)

More JavaScript SEO experiments with Google Tag Manager by Eoghan Henn (SearchViu). This blog includes various ideas how you can use Google Tag Manager to manipulate website for SEO purposes.

Google: Avoid Using Google Tag Manager For SEO Experiments by Barry Schwartz. This is a response to Eoghan Henn’s blog post. Which path should you choose? It’s up to you 🙂

[VIDEO] How to track iFrames with Google Tag Manager by MeasureSchool

11 Analytics Experts Share Their Favorite New Features of GA and GTM by ConversionXL. Experts include Simo Ahava, Krista Seiden, and others.


Google Analytics

What Is gtag.js with Google Analytics and Do I Need It? by Lunametrics. One more blog post about the never-ending what’s up with that gtag.js? topic.

20 Underused Features in Google Analytics by Lunametrics

What are ‘Assisted Conversions’ in Google Analytics and why you need to set them up now by Flockler. A really quick tip which should be used by all bloggers (having in mind that 65% of content marketers do not measure ROI)

10 Disciplined Approaches to Google Analytics by Kissmetrics

Google Analytics Cross Domain Tracking: Ultimate Guide For Untangling Connections by Klientboost

25 Google Analytics Admin Settings Explained by Razor Social

The Complete Guide to Direct Traffic in Google Analytics by Moz


Google Adwords

How to Use Google Optimize to Find AdWords Success by KoMarketing

[Funny image] Just created a button with insane CTR. Feeling generous, so I will share found on reddit.com/r/adwords. A joke that I found on /r/adwords.



My 12 most important SEO metrics to monitor by Search Engine Land


Digital Analytics in General

Bounce rate: Important metric or junk data? by Marketing Land


Final Words

I’ve tried a bit different format for this month’s digital analytics link roundup: I’ve included more links and split them into categories. Let’s see what you and the rest of Analytics Mania audience think about it. Got something to add? Let me know in the comments or send me an email to julius [at] analyticsmania.com.

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