February has passed which means that winter is over! Well, at least on the calendar because there is still plenty of snow and days are pretty damn cold here, in Vilnius (Lithuania). Nevertheless, the days are getting longer which means that the real spring is pretty close. Let’s see what good people of the internet brought us this time.

As for Google-Tag-Manager-related articles, February was a bit dry. Anyway, here’s what I’ve stumbled upon and found interesting/useful.



Everything You Need To Know About Tag Sequencing by Lunametrics.

customTask – The Guide by Simo Ahava. To quote Simo: customTask is one of the nicest features to emerge in Google Analytics in a long time. With Google Tag Manager, it’s a real powerhouse of customization. Curious? Read the full guide.

Add HTML Elements To The Page Programmatically by Simo Ahava. This guide might be useful if you want to annotate HTML elements with custom attributes.

Average Time Until Event with Calculated Metrics by Lunametrics.

Little but very handy new feature – Variable Dropdown in Custom HTML tags. Julian from Measureschool takes a quick look.


GOOGLE Analytics

Combined Audiences in Google Analytics by Charles Farina. In his blog post, Charles explains how to view new Audiences reports in Google Analytics.

Google Analytics Conversion Tracking and Retroactive Goals by Jeffalytics. One day Jeff Sauer got a question: If Google Analytics account has no goals configured, is it possible to retroactively check how many sales/conversion were completed by the organic traffic? #challenge_accepted and Jeff did that with help of GA Segments.

How to Fix m/lm/l.facebook.com in Google Analytics by Taavi Kalvi. Are you seeing various unconventional Facebook referrals (lm.facebook.com, l.facebook.com, m.facebook.com, web.facebook.com etc) in Google Analytics? This blog post explains what those are and what to do with them.

The Upside Down: Negative Goals in Google Analytics by Lunametrics. This blog post will give you ideas which negative events should you track in Google Analytics. To name a few: 404 (page not found) errors, “Visited Support Page”, “Unsubscribed from emails”, and other events.

Tracking Offline Events Using Google Analytics & the Measurement Protocol by Search News Central.

Ultimate Guide to Calculated Metrics in Google Analytics (20 Examples Included) by Paul Koks.


Other posts

Under the hood: How Chrome’s ad filtering works. In June 2017, Google announced that Chrome browser will tackle the issue of intrusive ads on websites by removing ads from sites that do not follow the Better Ads Standards. On February 15th, those promises have come to life and this blog post explains how everything works.

How Google’s Chrome Filtering will operate and how publishers can avoid its adblocking hatchet. Another blog post related to Chrome’s ad blocking.

An overview of GDPR: What is changing? by Amazee Metrics. The new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into effect on 25 May 2018. It brings about fundamental changes in the way personal data can be handled and will become one of the world’s strictest data privacy laws. In their blog post, guys behind the Amazee Metrics have summarized the most important points for your convenience.

[Tweet] by Charles Farina: For GDPR @googleanalytics is building a feature in the UI to allow you to delete cookie IDs and associated data. See full tweet and related comments.


That’s it!

Time’s up! Yet another web analytics link roundup has come to an end. I hope that March will bring us more awesome GTM guides/blog posts/videos/etc. In the meantime, I’m going back to writing yet another GTM guide. See you soon!

Julius Fedorovicius

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