Although this blog post is published on April 2nd, I wrote it on March 30th. In the previous web analytics link roundup, I was happy that the winter finally ended. In fact, on March 29th the weather was fantastic, but as soon as I started writing March’s link roundup (on March 30th), it started to snow again! What the hell?

I’m looking through the window right now and see about two inches of snow #sadface. I guess, my link roundups are causing weather cataclysms.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve found interesting in March.



Google Introduced Zones in Google Tag Manager 360. Here are more details from Lunametrics and Simo Ahava

Embed Facebook Messenger Chat With Google Tag Manager by Simo Ahava

How to encrypt data capture using Google Tag Manager by Branded3

Setting Up Bing Ads Tracking with Google Tag Manager by Clix Marketing



How to Create Custom Reports Using the Google Analytics API by Jeffalytics. Don’t be scared by the technical title. Anyone can do that with help of Google Sheets Addon and Jeff explains it really well.

Tracking Internal Marketing Campaigns With Google Analytics by Smashing Magazine. Even though this blog post was published in 2017, this is a great resource that I still occasionally return to.

[VIDEO] How to master Google Analytics in 12 Steps by Loved Data.

Average Time Until Event with Calculated Metrics by Lunametrics.

Configure Google Analytics to be GDPR compliant by Humix

5 GDPR Quick-Fixes for your Website by Amazee Metrics



Remarketing: The Ultimate Guide For 2018 by Blue Mint Marketing. A REALLY long and actionable guide.

Google Optimize increased the limit of simultaneous experiments to 5 and introduced Getting Started video series.


Final words

Honestly, it’s really hard to write some conclusions in these link roundups. What can you summarize when there’s just a bunch of links? 🙂 I’ll try to come up with something better next time. Pinky promise!

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