In case you didn’t know, link roundups are weekly or monthly summaries of top links that sites share. One day, I asked myself: Would my audience be interested in this kind of content? Well, the best way to find out is to launch a test batch. So here’s how it goes: every month I’ll publish a link roundup with articles that I found interesting and/or useful. The theme of those articles is not limited only to Google Tag Manager. Adwords, Google Analytics, web analytics (in general) won’t be forgotten too.

Let’s make a deal. Next few months will be my trial period. If such monthly web analytics link roundup will receive some positive feedback, I’ll keep posting them. The best ways to show me your virtual thumb-ups is to post comments, share roundups on social media, etc.

If I see that my audience says “meh”, I won’t be bothering you with similar content in the future and will try to come up with something else. Deal?

P.S. articles that I will include don’t have to be new. If I spot an older one which is still relevant, why not share it?


lets ride


Goals are broken in Google Analytics

By Charles Farina

This blog post points out how Google Analytics goals are becoming more and more inaccurate. While everything around how our users convert has changed with cross-channel and cross-device touch points, the definition of a conversion in Google Analytics has never changed: they are still based on sessions.

It’s a really great post which points out the flaws of the current goals system and offers a solution for that.

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Send Google Analytics Tag to Multiple Properties

By Simo Ahava

In his quick blog post, Simo explains how to send data to multiple Google Analytics properties at once with help of customTasks. Disclaimer: This topic is for advanced users.

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Five Signs Your Google Analytics Data is Inaccurate – And How to Fix It

By Lunametrics

Donovan Ayon shares 5 ideas how to identify problems related to data accuracy in Google Analytics, including too many or too few views, Inconsistent Capitalization In Campaigns or Events, etc.

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How to track PayPal transactions with Google Analytics

By Benjamin Mangold (Loves Data)

A useful tutorial with A LOT of steps. The entire setup involves Zapier, Paypal, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager. That’s a pretty huge blog post but very handy.

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Lessons Learned From 2,345,864 Exit Overlay Visitors

By Angus Lynch (Unbounce)

An extensive blog post where the author broke down all the wins, losses and “holy smokes!” moments from Unbounce’s first 2,345,864 exit overlay viewers. To name a few:

  • Offering specific, tangible resources (vs. non-specific promises) can positively affect conversion rates.
  • BUT just because an offer is relevant doesn’t mean it’s good.

Yeah, I know that such findings sound too vague. Read the blog post and it will shed some light on you.

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Google beta testing brand-new Google Search Console design

By Search Engine Land

Since many of us are using Google Search Console to analyze the incoming traffic from Google’s search results pages, I thought it would be useful to add this blog post to the web analytics link roundup.

P.S. this is more of a sneak peek rather than a blog post. But if you’re curious, you can check what’s coming soon.

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The most expensive 100 Google Adwords keywords in the US (2016)

Search Engine Watch

Actually, last week I stumbled upon another blog post by Larry Kim (on, but it stated that the most expensive keyword was like $55 per click which is waaaay too low. I remember stories about keywords which cost hundreds of US dollars per click, so I googled and found this blog post.

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The most popular Analytics Mania blog posts in July

Also, let’s take a look at which content did you find the most interesting/useful from this blog. Here are 3 most visited blog posts/resources:


Final words

Was this web analytics link roundup of any use for you? Let me know in the comments, social media or whatever is convenient for you. This is what I’m currently looking for:

  • Any kind of (constructive) feedback: what’s good and bad.
  • Is there an article/resource which MUST be included? Drop me a link and maybe I’ll add it in next month’s web analytics link roundup.
  • Any other suggestions?
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