Google Tag Manager Fundamentals

Get started with Google Tag Manager in 90 minutes
Includes Google Analytics 4 examples

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Make your advertising and analytics more efficient by learning how to manage tracking codes and collect data with Google Tag Manager. Mastering GTM isn’t an easy task (as there are many nuances) but you can take your first step with this free Google Tag Manager Fundamentals mini-course. Start your journey in the tag management world today.

What will you learn in this GTM Fundamentals mini-course?

Google Tag Manager Fundamentals mini-course covers:

  • What is Google Tag Manager and why you should use it
  • How to use GTM and create/install your first container
  • What are tags, triggers, and variables
  • How to install Google Analytics 4 and track events
  • How to implement custom tracking codes
  • How to test your implementation and what steps should you take next in your GTM journey

This Google Tag Manager course includes 90 minutes of video material, a 30-question quiz, and a course-completion certificate.

“Great starting course for Google Tag Manager, defining all the aspects and how they interact with each other well.”

Neville WilesDigital Marketing Specialist

What can you expect from this mini-course?

3 modules

90 minutes of video content will show you the very first steps that you need to take with Google Tag Manager. From your first container to your first independently configured Google Analytics 4.

30-question quiz

At the very end of this course, test your new knowledge by answering 30 questions and getting instant feedback.

Useful resources

Every lesson of the course is enriched with links to related and useful resources/guides/tools. Everything to help you better learn Google Tag Manager.

Course completion certificate

Once you complete all the lessons and pass the final quiz in this mini-course, you’ll receive a course completion certificate.

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Why Google Tag Manager is a must?

Let’s remember the old way of how marketing and analytics tracking codes were implemented. You decide to start using a new tool which requires some codes to be installed on your websites. Additionally, you want to go a bit more serious and track additional interactions with it. In other words, you have a bunch of codes that need to be implemented in various places of a site.

What do you do?

You ask a developer to do that. Unfortunately, he/she is too busy and can do that only after a week (!). Usually, in such cases you cannot do anything, just wait and think of how you’re losing valuable insights and money (because the marketing campaign could have been launched sooner).

What happens if after a month you want to do an update to those codes? You have to go through this “process” all over again and wait!

Manual management of tags (tracking codes, pixels, etc.) is a very slow, annoying, and ineffective process.

But you can change that with Google Tag Manager

“I found this course to be better and easier to follow and understand that Google’s own GTM academy. For a true beginner, Julius explain concepts and show examples in a way that someone who may have never had a previous concept of tagging can understand. I loved the course. Thank you so much for doing this! I have a new job and need to be able to use GTM immediately upon starting.”

Maya WestDigital Analytics Specialist at Mary Kay Inc

Who is this course for?

Google Tag Manager Fundamentals mini-course is designed for those who have no previous GTM experience and want to get started but are not sure where to begin.

This course is right for you if:

  • You want to get the basics of Google Tag Manager right
  • You are a digital marketing specialist who wants to track visitors and their actions on a website
  • You’re fed up with developers who take ages to install your tracking codes
  • You want to take control of your web tracking efforts

However, you should skip this mini-course if you consider yourself as an intermediate or advanced Google Tag Manager user, or you want to learn how to use Google Tag Manager on mobile apps or AMPs (in this course, I cover only regular website tracking).

Google Tag Manager Fundamentals mini-course is on-demand. You can learn at your own pace and apply new knowledge on your own GTM account.

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“This course very well and clearly explains all you need to know when you want to use GTM and you are a beginner. I really recommend this course.”

Petr VlčekMarketing Specialist at Punktero marketing

Your instructor

Julius Fedorovicius is the founder of Analytics Mania and the GTM community on Facebook. He has accumulated years of working experience with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager while consulting online businesses. Julius has been actively publishing articles on, a blog that has been already featured on widely known websites like or the official Google Analytics Twitter account.

Julius is also running Google Tag Manager workshops where he has already helped thousands of students to achieve better results. This was one of the reasons that inspired him to launch online courses.

Course curriculum


  • What is Google Tag Manager?

Module 1: Accounts, containers, installation

First things first. Let’s create your first Google Tag Manager account, container, and learn how to properly install it. Lessons of this module:

  • Account structure + create your first container
  • An overview of the Google Tag Manager interface
  • Installing the container
  • Temporarily inject GTM container into any website

Module 2: Tags

After the container is created, let’s learn how to control your tracking codes. When should they be activated? What kind of data should they send to analytics/marketing tools? We’ll take a look at it in this module. Lessons:

  • What are tags, triggers, and variables?
  • A quick introduction to Google Analytics 4
  • Tags. Installation of Google Analytics 4
  • Implementing custom scripts
  • Testing and publishing your setup

Module 3: Triggers, variables, event tracking

After the configuration is done, the next step is to test the implementation and publish changes live. There are multiple things you’ll need to keep in mind and they are explained in this module. Lessons:

  • A quick introduction to Google Analytics 4 event tracking
  • Triggers
  • Example: click tracking with GTM and Google Analytics 4

Quiz + Next steps

  • Final quiz
  • Next steps
  • Course completion certificate

“This course does a much better job explaining Tag Manager than even Google’s own course! The content is laid out extremely clearly, and the inclusion of outside resources and recommended Chrome extensions goes above and beyond just the Tag Manager platform!”

Cade Elliott, Data-driven Marketing and Finance Student at Washington University in St. Louis

Frequently asked questions

Google Tag Manager Fundamentals course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish.

The course is pretty quick so you should be able to start and complete it today! If you are very busy, several days for this course should be enough.

To get the most out of the Google Tag Manager Fundamentals course, it is highly recommended to have at least some Google Analytics basics.

Speaking of technical requirements, you should have a Google Chrome browser installed (because there are several plugins you’ll need to use during the course) and an internet connection, of course.

Not necessarily. In this course, I’ll show you a technique how to temporarily inject your Google Tag Manager JavaScript into any website (even without having access to its code). This will be happening only within the boundaries of your browser, so you’re definitely NOT hacking or doing anything illegal.

Feel free to send me an email to julius[at]

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