Course Bundles:
Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager

Help businesses improve with meaningful insights from your analytics reports. Improve your marketing and web analytics processes with tag management. Thanks to the Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager courses below, you will be able to get started with GTM/GA4 more smoothly and apply it to your work faster.

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Google Analytics 4 + GTM Masterclass for Beginners

  • GA4 course will teach you how to properly configure Google Analytics and get insights out of reports
  • GTM Masterclass for Beginners will teach you various tracking techniques. This will help you have more useful data in your GA4 reports

Price: $649 $798 or 6 x $115/month

Google Analytics 4 + Intermediate/Advanced GTM Course

Perfect for those who want to become Google Tag Manager professionals and also want to learn how to use Google Analytics 4.

Price: $699 $948 or 6 x $130/month

GTM Masterclass for Beginners + Intermediate/Advanced GTM Course

  • Become a Google Tag Manager professional
  • The course for beginners will give you the necessary GTM foundation
  • The intermediate course will take you to the next level and you will become a solid Google Tag Manager user who can solve complex web tracking problems

Price: $599 $748 or 6 x $110/month

2 GTM Courses + Google Analytics 4 Course

  • Largest discount, best value
  • Includes Google Tag Manager Masterclass for Beginners, Intermediate/Advanced GTM course, and GA4 course
  • For those who want to become real professionals

Price: $899 $1247 or 6 x $159/month

About the Instructor

Julius Fedorovicius is the founder of Analytics Mania and the GTM/GA communities on Facebook. He has accumulated many years of working experience with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager while consulting online businesses. Julius has been actively publishing articles on, a blog that has been recognized by Google and other peers in the industry.

Julius is also running Google Tag Manager workshops where he has already helped thousands of students to achieve better results. This was one of the reasons that inspired him to launch online courses.

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