Transfer UTM parameters from one page to another with Google Tag Manager

Transfer UTM Parameters From One Page To Another with GTM

5 comments / November 15, 2017

Imagine this. You’re running a promo campaign which brings traffic to a certain landing page (e.g. After the visitor clicks the main Call-to-action button (e.g. GET YOUR DISCOUNT), he/she is redirected to another page ( which asks a visitor to do the final action, install the app, fill in the form, sign up, etc.

When the conversion is completed, a Google Analytics event is fired. Unfortunately, when you look at your GA reports, what you’ll see is that all conversions are attributed to the Technically, this is correct because all visitors landed on the from, but you’d like to see the original source which brought the visitor, wouldn’t you?

In this blog post, I’ll show you how to transfer UTM parameters from the initial page to the subsequent one ( if the cross-domain tracking cannot be implemented.

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Keyword Hero - get rid of (not provided) Keywords in Google Analytics

How To Get Rid of (not provided) Keywords in Google Analytics

8 comments / November 13, 2017

A long time ago, when SEO was much easier, fwebmasters, bloggers and other creatures of the Internet were much happier because they knew much more about their visitors’ search behavior. All they needed to do is go to Google Analytics reports and see which organic keywords were driving most of the traffic.

But the winter came, Google increased the privacy of their users and took away what was so important for us, the information. The amount of (not provided) keywords spiked through the roof leaving bloggers and other users of Google Analytics speechless.

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Track Affiliate Links with Google Tag Manager

Track Affiliate Links with Google Tag Manager

0 comments / November 11, 2017

If you run a blog, you probably want to monetize it, right? In order to do that you might have to place special links in articles which redirect prospects to various landing pages. If visitors purchase anything there, you get a commission. Naturally, you wish to track how your readers interact with your content and, more importantly, whether they click affiliate links.

By collecting some data you’ll be able to see which content attracts more clicks and which one should be improved. In this blog post, I’ll show you how to track affiliate links with Google Tag Manager and send this data to Google Analytics.

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How to check if Google Tag Manager is Working

How to check if Google Tag Manager is Working?

0 comments / November 6, 2017

Google Tag Manager. The thing that makes lives of marketers and web analysts easier. But the purpose of this blog post is not to convince you to start using it (I have another one which explains all GTM benefits). Today, I assume that you have already decided to give Tag Manager a chance (or maybe even used it once or twice). In this blog post, I’ll show you how to check if Google Tag Manager is working properly.

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Common google tag manager mistakes

14 Most common Google Tag Manager mistakes

1 comment / November 5, 2017

Updated: Nov 5th, 2017. We’ve all been there: you open Google Tag Manager, set up tags, triggers and variables properly (at least you thought so), but that new implementation doesn’t work. You read that super awesome 5-step tutorial few more times, but it doesn’t help. You feel stuck, irritated and decide it’s enough GTM for today. The next day you open GTM, take a fresh look and realize you did a stupid and obvious mistake (which could have been fixed in a blink of an eye). I’ve been there. Too many times. That’s why I’m sharing a list of the most common Google Tag Manager mistakes I’ve committed. Let’s hope this blog post will save you some time and energy.

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