Google Tag Manager Tutorial for Beginners

Google Tag Manager Tutorial for Beginners (+ Free E-Book)

1 comment / August 9, 2018

Google Tag Manager is an amazing tool. I’ve been running this blog for almost two years now and 98% of all blog posts are about GTM. It has saved me, my colleagues and my clients so much time that I can’t even imagine how I could live now without it.

Need to add a particular tracking pixel to a website? Not a problem! Want to track submissions of a newly created form? Consider it done. All thanks to a thing called Tag Management.

Instead of waiting (for days) for a busy developer to add those tracking codes you could do this by yourself. Even though you will not replace developers 100% (and, in fact, you never should), with Google Tag Manager you (and your team) will become much agiler implementing new marketing campaigns and/or web analytics tracking.

But where should you start? GTM looks like a tank which requires some very specific knowledge and your regular driver’s license won’t help much here. Just like any other tool, GTM has its own learning curve. That’s why I decided to create this Google Tag Manager tutorial for beginners, the first step towards new knowledge and becoming more independent + have more control over your analytics/marketing tracking codes.

Ready? Let’s start.

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Complete Google Tag Manager Data Layer Tutorial

Complete Google Tag Manager Data Layer Tutorial

11 comments / August 5, 2018

Updated: August 5th, 2018. Data Layer is one of the main Google Tag Manager concepts which ensures maximum flexibility, portability, and ease of implementation. Without it, there would be no variables or triggers in GTM, therefore no tags would be fired. It is what keeps your tag management running properly. It is the key to unlocking Google Tag Manager’s potential.

In this blog, I’ve already published several articles related to this topic but they are pretty much scattered. That’s why I decided to collect all the important resources, tips, and knowledge (that I’ve accumulated so far) and put it in one place. This is an extended Google Tag Manager Data Layer tutorial which explains what the Data Layer is, why is it useful, how to use it, what are best practices, etc.

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Google Tag Manager vs Google Analytics

Google Tag Manager vs Google Analytics: What’s the difference?

77 comments / August 2, 2018

Updated: August 2nd, 2018. When I first heard about Google Tag Manager (GTM) in early 2013, I felt a bit confused. At that time I had no idea that tag management was a thing at all, so naturally, I found myself questioning what Google Tag Manager was anyway? What’s the difference between Google Analytics events and GTM events?

And nowadays I actually still notice this trend of confusion among many beginners. In this blog post, I’ll compare Google Tag Manager vs Google Analytics and show you the main differences.

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Google Tag Manager Preview Mode Not Working

Is Google Tag Manager Preview Mode Not Working? 15 Quick Ways To Fix It.

116 comments / August 1, 2018

Updated: August 1, 2018. Is Google Tag Manager Preview Mode not working? I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there at least once. This issue has caused some serious headache in the very beginning when I started using it. Does this sound familiar to you? – GTM Preview and Debug mode is enabled but does not appear on your website (or appears, but does not function properly). Just don’t rage quit and read the following tips on how to fix Google Tag Manager Preview and Debug mode. I’m sure at least one of them will apply to your issue.

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