Track Affiliate Sales with Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics

Track Affiliate Sales with Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics

3 comments / April 18, 2018

In one of my previous blog posts, I’ve shared an idea how to track affiliate link clicks with Google Tag Manager. But that guide is useful if YOU, as an affiliate, promote someone else’s products and just want to track all the outbound affiliate link clicks.

But what if you’re the owner of the affiliate program and you want to measure which partners are driving the most sales of YOUR product?

In this guide, I’ll show how to track affiliate sales with Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics.

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Set and read cookies with Google Tag Manager

The Magic of Google Tag Manager and Cookies

18 comments / April 18, 2018

Updated: April 18th, 2018. Cookies are a super important part of the web. Imagine the world without them: you wouldn’t be able to use your Facebook or Twitter. They help retain data throughout a user’s visit on a webpage, so naturally they’re an important component of web analytics, as well.

By default, Google Analytics and other analytics tools use cookies in order to track users’ behavior on your website. Unfortunately, I still see many marketers (working with GTM) suffering over not being able to fire Tags for returning visitors, or after 4 page views, etc.

But this shouldn’t be a problem, since you can use Google Tag Manager to set and retrieve data from cookies in fairly easy way. In this blog post, I’ll show you how to easily utilize cookies with Google Tag Manager and take your web tracking to the next level.

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Google Analytics real-time reports not working

Google Analytics Real-time Reports Not Working? Here’s How To Fix It

0 comments / April 7, 2018

Here’s a situation. You have just set up Google Analytics tracking, open a GA Real-time reports and nothing. You don’t see anything. No page views, no events, nothing. Sounds familiar? Relax, you’re not alone.

In fact, this issue is getting more and more popular these days as people have been contacting me through various channels (Facebook messages, comments, emails) with pretty similar issues: I’ve set up GA tracking but no events are displayed in the real-time reports or just My Google Analytics Real-time reports are not working, etc.

Today was the last straw when I received a comment under a blog post regarding this issue, and at the very same time in the Facebook GTM community Simo Ahava mentioned that today alone he helped at least 3 people with this issue.

To save you (and others) some time, I’ve decided to compile a list of most common mistakes why Google Analytics real-time reports are not working.

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Transfer UTM parameters from one page to another with Google Tag Manager

Transfer UTM Parameters From One Page To Another with GTM

26 comments / April 5, 2018

Updated: April 5th, 2018. Imagine this. You’re running a promo campaign which brings traffic to a certain landing page (e.g. After the visitor clicks the main Call-to-action button (e.g. GET YOUR DISCOUNT), he/she is redirected to another page ( which asks a visitor to do the final action, install the app, fill in the form, sign up, etc.

When the conversion is completed, a Google Analytics event is fired. Unfortunately, when you look at your GA reports, what you’ll see is that all conversions are attributed to the Technically, this is correct because all visitors landed on the from, but you’d like to see the original source which brought the visitor, wouldn’t you?

In this blog post, I’ll show you how to transfer UTM parameters from the initial page to the subsequent one ( if the cross-domain tracking cannot be implemented.

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Web analytics link roundup - March 2018

Web Analytics Link Roundup #9: March 2018

0 comments / April 2, 2018

Although this blog post is published on April 2nd, I wrote it on March 30th. In the previous web analytics link roundup, I was happy that the winter finally ended. In fact, on March 29th the weather was fantastic, but as soon as I started writing March’s link roundup (on March 30th), it started to snow again! What the hell?

I’m looking through the window right now and see about two inches of snow #sadface. I guess, my link roundups are causing weather cataclysms.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve found interesting in March.

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