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Google Tag Manager Course

A comprehensive online course for beginner and intermediate users who want to master GTM in website tracking. The course includes 8+ hours of video material, quizzes, my checklists/blueprints, certification, and more.

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Free E-book: GOOGLE TAG MANAGER For Beginners

The first step towards a better understanding of Google Tag Manager, how it works, and why you should use it.

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Guide 120 GTM resources
Ultimate List of 120+ Google Tag Manager Resources

Everything you need to know about Google Tag Manager – from A to Z. All items are categorized and sorted. Designed for beginners and intermediate users, but advanced folks will also find something new.

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Unlock not provided keywords
GUIDE: How To Unlock (not provided) Keywords in Google Analytics

Keyword Hero is a great tool which helps you get rid of (not provided) keywords in Google Analytics. It unlocked ~90% of my (not provided) data in GA and helped me improve my SEO efforts. Here’s a guide how to set everything up.

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Ultimate Google Tag Manager Glossary
The Ultimate Google Tag Manager Glossary

Whether you’re looking to understand the language of GTM or help train someone else, this Google Tag Manager glossary should be your best companion. It should not only make you smarter, but it should help you be more eloquent when speaking about GTM.

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Library of Google Tag Manager Resources

Library of 30+ Google TAg Manager Recipes

A ever-growing list of downloadable GTM containers with most common solutions. Download them, import to Google Tag Manager and you’re good to go! Expand your web analytics with ease!

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Google Tag Manager Checklist

Make your Quality Assurance (QA) easier with this Google Tag Manager Checklist which contains more than 60 items.


Free Google Tag Manager Course Online

Best (Free) Google Tag Manager Courses Online

Are you just getting started with Google Tag Manager? Or maybe you are looking for new (and easy-to-digest) ways to deepen your knowledge? Here are my top picks of Free Google Tag Manager Courses Online that should help you break the ice.

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