Free E-book: 120+ Google Tag Manager Resources

Managing marketing tags and tracking scripts have never been easier, thanks to Google Tag Manager! As a non-developer, I have a full control of my Google Analytics tracking codes, Facebook Pixel, Google Ads conversion tags, etc.


Thanks to GTM, I can now track:

  • Sales
  • Form submissions
  • Clicks
  • Scrolling
  • Video players
  • and many other interactions

You can do it too!

This epic list contains the essentials of what you need to know about Google Tag Manager. And, for your convenience, all the resources are split everything into categories.


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  • What is Google Tag Manager and why should you use it?
  • Main concepts, naming conventions, installation
  • Tags, Triggers, and Variables
  • Measurement plan, tag plan
  • Data Layer
  • Google Tag Manager + Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager + Google Ads
  • Google Tag Manager + other analytics/marketing tools
  • Click Tracking – Default Auto-Event Listener
  • Form Tracking – Default Auto-Event Listener
  • History, Errors, Timer – Default Auto-Event Listeners
  • Custom Auto-Event Listeners
  • Versions, Deployment, Testing, Quality Assurance
  • Useful Tools
  • Google Tag Manager + SEO
  • Google Tag Manager Recipes
  • Other Google Tag Manager Resources
  • Free Google Tag Manager Online Courses
  • Communities



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About the Author

My name is Julius Fedorovicius and I run Analytics Mania. Since 2016, the blog has grown strong and continues to serve hundreds of thousands of marketers and analysts. Here I share my knowledge, experiments, learnings related to web analytics, mainly Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics.

I also run the Google Tag Manager community on Facebook, host GTM training workshops, and have launched online GTM courses.