Google Tag Manager Resources

Managing marketing tags and tracking scripts has never been easier, thanks to Google Tag Manager! As a non-developer, I have a full control of my Google Analytics tracking codes, Facebook Pixel, Adwords conversion tags, etc.


I can now easily track

Google Tag Manager Resources Google Tag Manager Resources Google Tag Manager Resources Google Tag Manager Resources


All this data is Available in my Google Analytics!

You can do it too! I am sharing my ultimate list of bookmarked content that helped me better understand Google Tag Manager. This epic list contains everything you need to know about Google Tag Manager – from A to Z.

This ultimate list of Google Tag Manager Resources is designed for beginners and intermediate users, but advanced folks will also find something new. Just enter your email address below and get this e-book straight to your inbox.


All resources In This List are Split Into Categories

  • What is Google Tag Manager and why should you use it?
  • Main concepts, naming conventions, installation.
  • Tags, Triggers, and Variables.
  • Measurement plan, tag plan.
  • Data Layer.
  • Google Tag Manager + Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager + Google Adwords
  • Google Tag Manager + other analytics/marketing tools.
  • Click Tracking – Default Auto-Event Listener.
  • Form Tracking – Default Auto-Event Listener.
  • History, Errors, Timer – Default Auto-Event Listeners.
  • Custom Auto-Event Listeners.
  • Versions, Deployment, Testing, Quality Assurance.
  • Useful Tools.
  • Google Tag Manager + SEO
  • Google Tag Manager Recipes.
  • A/B Testing.
  • Other Google Tag Manager Resources.
  • Free Google Tag Manager Online Courses.
  • Communities.
  • People And Blog To Follow
  • Complete Google Tag Manager Guides.


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