GTM Masterclass for Beginners:
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Google Tag Manager Masterclass for Beginners is designed for beginners and fresh intermediate users who want to see the full picture of GTM. Even though some of the students have been already using GTM for a while, they admitted that during this course they started to realize how much of the essentials they were still missing.

Reading various guides and jumping from one blog post to another is really time-consuming + may cause some confusion in particular topics. The goal of this course is to provide a very logical and structured plan of how to understand the core concepts of GTM and how to adapt them in real-life situations.

Take a look at student testimonials below and see if some of them match your current situation/stage.

Julius is a great teacher and this course will equip you with a solid foundation for effectively working with GTM. His pleasant way of explaining complex topics make this course accessible for many. I recommend this course for both beginners as well as intermediate users. After going through the material and practicing what you have learned, you will be much more confident in deploying GTM on your site.

— Paul KoksAnalytics Advocate – Online Metrics

I was totally fresh with GTM. I started learning about GTM from various resources, then I understood that it’s very complicated to learn because while I was watching videos on YouTube, reading articles about GTM I felt that I’m lost. Too much information from different resources and I had lot of questions. When I found this course, I was so happy that I can have all needed material in one place. I wanted to understand what GTM is, how to use it and all theory apply in practise. All course material was clear, understandable, with links where I can read more. Most useful were all practical tasks. I strongly recommend this course for all who is facing GTM for the first time.

— Veronika PošiūnaitėAd Operations Manager at Eskimi

Julius’ Beginner GTM course exceeded my expectations. I first took the GTM course offered by Google Analytics Academy and really did not gain much from it – it was too simple and surface-level, and didn’t get into the nitty gritty with examples and strategy. Julius’ GTM Masterclass course was exactly what I was looking for – a beginner’s course with strategy and sufficient examples to start to feel comfortable in GTM. After taking Julius’ course I feel comfortable that I myself can work and build in GTM in a meaningful way – a feeling I did not get from the Google Academy course. Julius’ examples were relevant and his clear strategy for approaching every problem is one that I will use going forward in practice. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to anyone looking for a meaningful and valuable introduction to GTM.

— Katelyn RobertsMarketing Coordinator, Projects & Systems at Botanical PaperWorks

This is an amazing course for everyone who does their first steps in GTM implementation, helpful if you are switching work from another tool like the Adobe DTM to Google GTM, and in general if you want to become more technical and comfortable with the topic of implementation. The way that Julius has designed and leads the course is great, very understandable, easy to follow. Additional resources and links provided are extremely helpful. I would totally recommend it – thank you Julius for providing such a fantastic course!

— Tsvetelina AlexievaAVP Digital Performance & Analytics bei Allianz Global Investors

This course is totally amazing! Actually, before I started the course, I have used GTM for several years and knew most skills in this course, but I never really organized properly when doing my projects. But I am so lucky and take this course, especially the Module 9 about applying GTM in real-life projects, it really saves me. Also, some parts of this courses give me a more complete understanding of the mechanisms inside GTM. Another amazing that Julius did really well is that the course considers several different perspectives including marketer, developer, beginner etc. I am pretty sure this course must be the best online course I have ever had in my life.

— Yen-Jung Cheng, Customer Scientist – The Hut Group

I absolutely recommend this course. Each concept was explained clearly and precisely. I liked the scope and depth of the topics covered. The possibility to follow the course step by step in a practical way helps a lot to gain confidence.

— Roger Federico RybakTrend Spotter – Illume Guide

This is a great course if you’re a marketer and want to learn the ins and outs of Google Tag Manager. It’s a fundamental course but never dumbed-down. Thanks, Julius!

— Mathias FlinkSite Manager & Digital Marketing Specialist –

Just a week ago, I had zero knowledge of GTM. Fast forward another week and I have finished this course’s digestible info and I have implemented most of the trackings I learned on my company’s website! I am not only tracking pageviews but file downloads, video plays, form submissions, and scroll tracking! Thanks a lot for this course, it is really wonderful!

Roy Chua Yi ChengDigital Marketing Associate – Validus Capital

This GTM course was really well done and helped me learn how to think about using GTM rather than just how to set certain things up. Because every website is different, there isn’t one unique approach to GTM and this course helped me understand how to diagnose the way a website is built in order to properly track what I need to track. I used this methodology immediately after passing this course for a new project that came in and needed form tracking in a hard to track form.

— Nick GrohMarketing Technology Consultant at Miles Technologies

Prior to this course, I lacked an understanding of best practices for Google Tag Manager. I struggled to use certain built-in tracking methods of GTM because I was not fully utilizing all the features of the Preview & Debug Mode panel. Julius does a wonderful job of explaining the many different ways you can use the P&D mode to work your way through setting up each piece of tracking. Also, I was still not really certain of what was needed to really be GDPR compliant, but now I am confident in how to set up a site with a cookie-consent popup to handle these privacy concerns. I am honestly so thankful this course came out when it did, as it has taught me so many tools that I have already put to use!

— Amy FarrowFrontend Developer – Corporate Reports

This is a very in-depth course that helped me take the first step and then dive deeper into more complex GTM topics. After completing it, I took over ~85% of the developer’s tasks related to web tracking. The structure of the course is very logical and fluent, all lessons are easy to follow. And, most importantly, I could immediately apply new knowledge on my own website. It definitely exceeded my expectations.

Evaldas MockusSEO Specialist – Omnisend

After taking this course, I can now track website visitors with confidence and see how they engage with my content. This helps me see the bigger picture of what is working and what should be fixed. What I really liked in this course is that even very technical aspects of Google Tag Manager were explained in a simple easy-to-understand manner. Highly recommend!

— Bernard MeyerContent Marketer – Tesonet

Analyticsmania GTM course is a perfect course for beginner and intermediate web marketing professionals. If you want to reach the next level with GTM and learn some useful tips & tricks from a GTM expert, you will be in right hands.

Sebastien BattutPPC Manager –

As a developer, I really enjoyed this course as I learned the fundamentals of GTM as well as advanced techniques, best practices and frameworks for approaching specific tracking requirements. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in GTM!

Yasthil BhagwandeenSoftware Engineer and Consultant

Great course that covers aspects of GTM from beginner to advanced and can help all types of marketers become users of GTM for the benefits of their company. I would highly recommend this class to anyone that wants to learn more about GTM to be a better user and make their reporting stronger.

— Nicole BentDigital Marketing Manager – Ping Identity

Prior to taking this course, I considered myself an intermediate Google Tag Manager user. However, while watching video lessons I realized that there is a whole bunch of GTM functionalities to learn, especially, the Data Layer and form tracking. Since PPC, lead tracking and marketing analytics are one my main specialties, I applied that new knowledge in my projects immediately.

— Paulius ZajanckauskasCustomer Acquisition and Growth Marketer – Omnisend

A very helpful course if you want to learn the basics of Google Tag Manager with practical examples and your own testing environment.

— Bart FrèrejeanOnline Marketer – Altrif Label

The course is very helpful. It really explains the basics and also advanced topics of GTM that you can use it in real life situations. For me, actually, it has been the best option to introduce me and improve my knowledge of GTM and apply this to my daily workflow. It’s highly recommended.

— Marçal Gallego SaballsSpecialist in digital advertising and metrics – Playbrand Crossmedia Strategies

Really good explanations, clear and precise. Good examples.

Josip ErešGoogle Analytics Controller – Ladbrokes Coral Group

The GTM Masterclass delivered by Julius cover the basics and more, to give students an extensive understanding of how GTM works, and how to leverage the platform to capture insightful data from your website, advertising, and social interactions. I’ve already registered for the Intermediate Course.

— Mitchell WheatleyDigital Marketing Specialist

This course does an excellent of explaining GTM with easy to follow excercises. It is the perfect course for anyone that is looking to learn about GTM but may not know where to begin. Yet, the course is also thorough enough to where intermediate GTM users should learn some new tricks. Easily worth the price!

— Kevin Van der AaWeb Software Engineer

I enjoyed while I attended this course, and I learned something new from every lesson. I liked the contents of the course and the pdf version after each lesson. Examples and sandbox were great for me to check my knowledge. I was excited after each lesson and I can not wait to apply the acquired knowledge.

— Milica Medic,Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager expert

I actually learned a lot more than I expected. I can recommend this course if one have both holes in their understanding of GTM, but also if there is variables or tags one hasn’t experience with. For example I learned how to track AJAX forms, something I didn’t know how to do before this. Some of the stuff sounds (by heading) very basic, but I actually think it goes beyond that. Because I didn’t expect to learn something for whole module 3 – but I must admit that I learned a lot. So thank you for this course 🙂

— Dennis StammerjohanSEO and PPC specialist at RealMæglerne

Great introductory class for beginners! I admit I had to re-watch some chapters but that was due to my inexperience in those areas. When I did go back and re-watch those chapters however, I was able to accomplish what I needed by just following along step by step. I especially love that I have this course as a resource (indefinitely) to reference whenever needed.

— Allison D’Elia TernesDigital Communications Analyst at University of North Carolina at Charlotte

This course was amazing. It helped me learn all the fundamentals in Google Tag Manager I was aiming for, and helped me build the confidence I needed to get started using the tool in my day to day job. It was very practical and easy to understand. Julius is a great teacher – very knowledgable and a clear communicator.

— Adam EngströmDigital Manager at Renault Nordic AB

It’s a really great course, giving all the punctual facts, complete information and how to apply in real world.

— Manuel GutierrezDigital analyst at Data Tribe

If you still have doubts or questions about the Google Tag Manager Masterclass course, feel free to reach out via contact form or social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. I’ll be more than glad to help you.

Julius Fedorovicius
Founder of Analytics Mania and GTM Masterclass course instructor