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Getting started with Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 is the latest version of this popular analytics platform. Compared to its predecessors, there are many changes that digital marketers and web analysts must be aware of.

And if you are just starting your analytics journey, this is your first step.

That’s why I have published an e-book that will help you get up-and-running with Google Analytics 4 much faster. In it, I will cover a clear step-by-step process on how to install Google Analytics 4, how to collect data by tracking events, and how to track the most important interactions — conversions.

This Google Analytics 4 Ebook will teach you:

  • How to properly configure your first Google Analytics 4 setup
  • How to install Google Analytics 4 with Google Tag Manager
  • How to track events (interactions that your visitors are doing on a website)
  • How to test your incoming data
  • How to track conversions (the most important events)
  • How to plan your Google Analytics 4 event structure
  • Where to find your data in Google Analytics 4 reports

Table of Contents

Here’s what’s waiting for you inside the Getting Started with Google Analytics 4 e-book:

  • How to create a new property and data stream
  • How to install Google Analytics 4
  • DebugView
  • Google Analytics 4 Realtime reports
  • The old version of event tracking
  • 4 categories of events in Google Analytics 4
  • Automatically captured events
  • Enhanced measurement
  • Recommended events + example
  • Custom events + example
  • Including custom parameters in events
  • Create new events (directly in GA4 interface)
  • Modify Events (directly in GA4 interface)
  • Test your events in GA4
  • Events in Google Analytics 4 reports
  • How to plan your event structure in Google Analytics 4
  • Event limits in Google Analytics 4
  • What is a conversion?
  • Conversion tracking in Google Analytics 4
  • Predefined conversions
  • Conversions that can be turned on with a switch
  • Create events in the UI and then mark them as conversions
  • Conversion data in Google Analytics 4 reports


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About the Author

My name is Julius Fedorovicius and I run Analytics Mania. Since 2016, the blog has steadily grown and has been already mentioned on,,,, and many other high-profile websites. Here I share my tips and findings of Google Analytics 4 and Google Tag Manager.

I also run the Google Tag Manager community on Facebook, host GTM training workshops, and have launched online GTM courses.