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Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager audit

If you feel that you’re not getting enough insights from our Google Analytics reports because the data is too inaccurate (or just simply missing), I can help you fix that.

After conducting a Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager audit, I will show you the entire list of all the problems you have in your setup:

  • Which parts are misconfigured
  • Which parts are not customized enough (therefore, GA’s potential is not unlocked)
  • Which parts are simply broken


The process

Once we agree on audit’s terms, we start with an interview. I ask you various questions about your business, employees who are involved in the marketing/web tracking, etc.

After I get my answers, I dive into your project and audit it. I verify Google Analytics properties and Google Tag Manager containers that are part of your setup.


The final result

After the audit is complete, you will get a very detailed report of all identified problems, how critical are they, recommendations on how to fix them (+ related/useful resources).

Then (if you want) I present the results (and review them) during the call.

Also, together with the audit report, I provide the client with the list of Top Priority action items (Most important/impactful fixes + quick wins).

The price per audit starts from $4,000-5,000.

Interested? Contact me!

In order to help with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager audit, I need to collect some additional details. The more I know about your project requirements, the better I will be able to thelp you.

What is your annual online revenue? (required)

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Last but not least, companies hire me to solve their web tracking problems.

Happy customers

Here are some of the great companies I worked with to help them with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager (setups, audits, on-site trainings, etc.)