Intermediate GTM Course: reviews & testimonials

Intermediate Google Tag Manager Course (+Advanced Topics) is designed for those who already have GTM skills but want to take that to a whole new level. Not only does this course show you the inner depths of Google Tag Manager, but it will also give you an introduction to technical topics that are very valuable while working with GTM. This includes HTML, CSS, DOM, Regular Expressions, Cookies.

Passing the Beginner Stage of GTM is fairly easy compared to what’s waiting for you ahead. In this course, I will be your guide and will show you various tips and tricks on how to avoid the most common pitfalls that I had to face myself.

But don’t take my word for it. Take a look at what my students of this course have to say.

This is a fantastic course if you want to take your GTM skills to the next level. Being stuck after implementing the pageview tag and basic Event Tracking? Want to have step-by-step examples on how to implement advanced features (including Ecommerce)? Julius won’t disappoint you and guides you all the way. Brilliant teacher, five stars!

— Paul KoksAnalytics Advocate – Online Metrics

The section on Ecommerce is really good. That’s probably the trickiest thing to set up in GA and in GTM and Julius does a great job of covering exactly how to do that. So if you have some GTM skills and you really want to take your skills to the next level, this intermediate class is really good. Julius is clear, his examples are clean, he’s super knowledgeable. I think this class is great.

— Fred Pike, Managing Director – Northwoods Software, Instructor – CXL Institute

This course covered all the areas that I was interested in with great detail and the personal attention paid by the tutor has no parallel anywhere. This course should be a requirement for anyone trying to to anything intricate with Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics.

— Ateeq Ahmad, Principal Consultant – Albany Analytics

The best GTM course I have seen so far.

— Josip ErešGoogle Analytics Controller – Ladbrokes Coral Group

Julius possesses advanced knowledge and expertise on GTM and it benefited me greatly. I have gained more confidence in my knowledge of the processes and the different tracking methods that GTM offers, such as implementing GA ecommerce. Overall, this course is a must-have for those who want to know more advanced tracking techniques that GTM has to offer.

— Roy Chua Yi ChengDigital Marketing Associate – Validus Capital

Really insightful and detailed course. Everything is explained clearly and in a structure way, so firstly you get some theory and then dive deeper into real life examples and practices. Taking this course you will understand not only the best practices with the GTM, but in general how tracking works in Google ecosystem.

— Paulius ZajanckauskasCustomer Acquisition and Growth Marketer – Omnisend

I had no idea you could do so many different things with variables. I was also pleasantly surprised by the overview of how the data layer works, and also with tutorials on troubleshooting. It really helped make everything make more sense. Before, I would copy a custom JS variable but not have any clue what it “meant” – I was just blindly following a tutorial I found online and hoping it would work.  But now, I have a much deeper understanding of it all.

Sarah MackenzieSEO Director – FINE

We are a digital marketing firm that spends too much time creating reports for clients (or worse, not reporting on results). We needed to set up dashboards for clients that clearly demonstrate website conversions and other results from our campaigns. The Intermediate Google Tag Manager course from Analytics Mania provided fantastic in depth training on how to collect and track the website data we need. The course is well organized and laid out clearly, and provides a ton of helpful resources. Julius is easy to follow, explains concepts clearly and is reachable through comments, the private Facebook group, and email. If you need richer data in Google Analytics, I urge you to take this course.

— Kristen Molina-Nauert, Graphic Designer – JB Media Group

I definitely found this course valuable as a marketer myself. When I first went in, I really did not know anything about GA Ecommerce (that was the main reason why I wanted to take the course). Not only Julius did teach about that, but he taught about other things I really wasn’t expecting, like CSS Selectors. […] Julius’ teaching style is really really awesome, he doesn’t really rush past anything, he takes the time to explain everything. And if you’re a marketer trying to the get most out of GTM, I definitely highly recommend Julius’ Intermediate Course.

— Nick GrohMarketing Technology Consultant at Miles Technologies

Everything was very helpful.

Marçal Gallego SaballsSpecialist in digital advertising and metrics – Playbrand Crossmedia Strategies

If you still have doubts or questions about the Google Tag Manager Masterclass course, feel free to reach out via contact form or social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. I’ll be more than glad to help you.

Julius Fedorovicius
Founder of Analytics Mania and Instructor of the Intermediate GTM Course