Although Google Tag Manager’s Google+ community is the largest and has the most experts on it, there is one slight problem.

Well, it’s Google+. When I try to promote the group and recommend others to join it, their reaction is usually the same.

Google Plus - Aint nobody got time for that

Even though people are interested in learning more about GTM, they do not want to start using Google+ because it’s not a social network of their choice. And that’s one of the main reasons why they just don’t join it.

Personally, I will continue being a semi-active participant in the G+ community (because I love GTM so much) but I can’t be sure that others will have the same passion. Google Tag Manager community is the only reason why I occasionally open G+.

Then there’s Linkedin GTM community, which is okay, I guess (in terms of accessibility), but it’s not very active.

Finally, there is Facebook. I’ve noticed there are some groups related to Google Tag Manager (in fact, I’m a member of some of them) but what really grinds my gears is that Google Tag Manager is just one of the topics there. And usually, the majority of posts are still related to Google Analytics, Data Studio, or Adwords.

There are no active and rapidly growing communities on Facebook which would be dedicated ONLY to Google Tag Manager. Well, not anymore. Today I want to introduce a fresh Google Tag Manager Community on Facebook where we can share our thoughts, problems, and ideas.

I honestly cannot promise to answer every question or participate in every discussion but hey, it’s a community. That’s the whole point! There shouldn’t be only one person to answer questions and post content. That’s everyone’s responsibility.


Community Rules

#1. No spammy links or posts to unrelated pages. If I miss anything, report it to admin and I’ll wipe it out.

#2. ONLY GTM relates posts are allowed. If there is a post/question related to Google Analytics, GTM must be involved somewhere too. Otherwise, posts will be removed. There are plenty of other communities dedicated to Google Analytics.

#3. I’ll go a bit easier on self-promotion. If you have posted a really awesome and useful blog post or guide related to GTM, I’ll definitely allow it. We’re here to share some knowledge, aren’t we? What I don’t want to see is someone posting each and every article from their blog to the community.

This applies to me too. I don’t (and won’t) try to fill every community or forum with every blog post I write. Instead, I may share just those posts which are super in-depth, useful or something else that will REALLY benefit the audience.

So every time you post a link from your blog to the community, ask yourself:

  1. Is this the best piece of content that I’ve created in a while?
  2. Will the audience benefit from this article? Really?
  3. When was the last time I have posted my links to this community? If you have written, like, 10 posts a month in a blog and then shared all of them in the community, I believe that’s a bit too much 🙂


What’s NExt?

Further steps are easy:

  1. Join the Google Tag Manager Community on Facebook
  2. Invite others to join it. If you like Analytics Mania’s content, I’ll make sure you like the community as well.
  3. Be active! Ask questions, post content, help others.
Julius Fedorovicius

Head of Developer Operations at Omnisend. I am highly interested in Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Adwords, Email marketing, Email Deliverability, Digital Marketing in general. You can follow me on Twitter or Linkedin.