Same time last year, I’ve published a batch of 19 witty Google Tag Manager Reaction GIFs and the response from the community was pretty awesome. So following Holywood’s best practices, I’m turning this into a franchise and today is the day when the 2nd installment goes live. I hope I won’t follow another Holywood’s best practice, posting shitty sequels.

By the way, if you haven’t seen the 1st part yet, go do it first and then come back here, view the Part 1 of GTM Reaction GIFs.


1. When Google Introduced gtag.js

2. iFrame tracking

iframe tracking

3.Work without GTM Preview and Debug mode

work without GTM preview and debug mode

4.When I don’t have enough permissions in a GTM container

not enough permission

5. After I implemented Enhanced E-commerce tracking for the first time

nightmare flashback

6. Deploying tags without testing

Car crash

7. Audit of GTM account/container

GTM audit

8. When I get an error that my GTM container is too heavy

GTM container is too heavy 

9. When I find a GTM tutorial which looks pretty easy but I still fail at it

Failed at easy GTM tutorial

10. After you join the Google Tag Manager Facebook community

When you join GTM community

11. Hey, can you fire an additional event? It will lower the bounce rate.

Fifth element

12. September – October of  2017, when Google started releasing awesome features one after another (Youtube, Scroll, Element Visibility triggers)

Oprah GTM

13. Trying to modify some JavaScript snippet found in a forum (without any JS skills)

Monkey and JavaScript

14. When Google releases a new feature but only for GTM 360

Jim Carrey

15. When Preview mode is not working and it turns out that the wrong container is being viewed


16. 4 hours later, still that damn JavaScript isn’t working

give up

17. Discovering various time-saving tools like GTM Chrome extensions, GTM Tools, etc.

I've got the power

18. When a newbie says “Hey, this GTM thing looks like a pretty powerful stuff”

goddamn right

Bonus (not related to GTM but still relevant): When you realize that Google Analytics was launched 13 years ago

Feeling old

All good things must come to an end! So what is your impression after seeing a sequel? Yay or nay? Was it good like Empire Strikes Back? Or bad like any Transformers sequel? Let me know, I’m open to any feedback.

The comments section is at your service. See you next time in, probably, more serious Google Tag Manager blog post.

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