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Google Tag Manager Reaction Gifs - Part 2

18 Funny Google Tag Manager Reaction GIFs (Part 2)

6 comments / March 21, 2018

Same time last year, I’ve published a batch of 19 witty Google Tag Manager Reaction GIFs and the response from the community was pretty awesome. So following Holywood’s best practices, I’m turning this into a franchise and today is the day when the 2nd installment goes live. I hope I won’t follow another Holywood’s best practice,Read more

Analytics Mania Milestone

Milestone Reached: 100 Blog Posts

2 comments / March 18, 2018

It has already been ~1,5 years since I launched Analytics Mania and published my 1st blog post. I always wanted this blog, as a side project, to succeed but it was more of an innocent wish rather than a serious intention. And honestly, I never thought it would be growing so well. Although there are stillRead more

Google Tag Assistant Tutorial

Google Tag Assistant Tutorial: 10 Tips For Efficient Work

0 comments / February 25, 2018

If you’ve ever used Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Google Tag Manager, or any other Google’s analytics/marketing tools, chances are that you’ve at least heard of Google Tag Assistant, or, most probably, even used it. That’s no surprise because it’s a really handy debugging tool! Even though many of Analytics Mania’s readers use this Chrome’s extension,Read more

Quick Recap of 2017

Really Quick Recap of 2017 & Update

2 comments / December 11, 2017

This year has almost come to an end. I had lots of challenges but also lots of victories and really positive moments, in both personal and professional life. To name a few, my 2nd child was born, Omnisend (an email marketing startup that I work in) is rapidly growing, and let’s not forget Analytics Mania. Believe it or not,Read more