I’m not going to dive into discussions whether WIX is a good platform for creating a website, it has its pros and cons. For example, it enables people to easily create a website but at the same time, WIX is not the best tool in terms of SEO friendliness. Additionally, one of the most annoying things was that WIX did not support Google Tag Manager.

From time to time I noticed threads on forums, Reddit, and elsewhere where people were trying to find the answer. No luck. Even though WIX supported Custom HTML widgets, they did not work with GTM code inside of it.

Luckily, those dark times are over because WIX recently released a built-in support for GTM. Hooray! Today, I’ll show you how to easily install Google Tag Manager on WIX website.


Quick Context

As I have mentioned before, WIX’es Custom HTML widgets did not function properly with GTM container code in them. And this approach still doesn’t work. The only way you could enable Google Analytics Tracking was by going to a dedicated Analytics section and adding GA tracking code there.

Yay, pageviews.

But what if I wanted to track particular clicks or other interactions happening on a website? Usually, GTM was the tool that could do that. Well, too bad because WIX did not care much about it, therefore GTM fans (and WIX users) were crying in the corner (or switching to another website builder).

Thankfully, that time is over and GTM can be installed in no time.

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Install Google Tag Manager on WIX

First of all, this feature is only available for paid plans of WIX. If you’re still using free plan, sorry, there’s no workaround. You’ll either need to upgrade or stay without tracking data. If you’re on any premium plan, continue reading.

Login to your WIX account and choose the website where you wish to install GTM, click Manage Site.

GTM on WIX - 1st step

Then, in the left sidebar, go to Tracking & Analytics.

GTM on WIX - 2nd step

Finally, in the top right corner, click New Tool > Google Tag Manager.

GTM on WIX - 3rd step

Enter the ID of your GTM container (e.g. GTM-XXXXXXX) and click Apply. Google Tag Manager container code snippet will be added to all pages of a WIX website. You can find the GTM container ID in the top bar of Google Tag Manager account:

GTM WIX installation


Also, it’s hard to miss but I’d like to note that GTM wasn’t the only addition to WIX’es Analytics Stack. In the screenshot above, you can also see Facebook Pixel, Yandex Metrica, Custom Script, etc.


That’s it!

Now, let’s test whether Google Tag Manager container was added correctly. Enable Preview and Debug mode (by hitting Preview button in GTM), go to the website you’re working on (the public part) and refresh the page. A debug console window will appear at the bottom of your browser, showing detailed information about your tags, including their firing status and what data is being processed.

preview and debug console

If that happened, GTM was implemented successfully. If preview and debug mode did not appear, read this guide where I mention most common reasons and how you can fix them. You can also install and use Google Tag Assistant, Chrome extension which checks Google’s tracking codes (including GTM) and reports if there are some errors.

Google Tag Manager Course - Learn More

OK, now what?

Start creating triggers, tags (tracking codes) and publish them on a website. Here are several ideas what you can do next.

For GTM beginners:


For experienced Google Tag Manager users:


Google Tag Manager on WIX: Last Words

Finally, WIX developers have implemented a native support for GTM. From now on you can easily install Google Tag Manager on WIX websites by added container ID in Tracking and Analytics section of website’s management. The only requirement here is to upgrade that site to a paid plan.

Got questions? Feel to ask in the comments section below.

Julius Fedorovicius

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